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We make payment experiences forgettable with just one click.

If you’re on this page, you must really want to learn about who we are and where we came from. Thank you for your curiosity. What makes us different from other payment providers is our attention to detail and the real relationships we have with our clients.


It all started with being on your side of the business.

At Payper, we are former retailers, operators, business managers, accountants, and payment professionals with decades of experience and a true passion for payments.

We were seriously frustrated by the lack of service and transparency that payment companies provide their merchants. There is a massive disconnect between other payment companies’ sales teams and their product development team, it’s really that simple. Other payment companies love to attract you with rate reductions and promises they can’t deliver on. This causes a domino effect due to lack of knowledge from their sales team, which causes reduced support levels, reduced transparency, and more importantly, a lack of system or product improvements.


Many payment providers are content to “leave well enough alone”.

Our obsession with innovation drives us to improve every aspect of every product anyway

Our team has experience operating high availability, high velocity, high volume businesses, and still, we continue to ask for our merchant’s feedback. We take feedback and requests seriously enough to implement and create valuable solutions which cater to merchants of all sizes. We build our products from two different angles: the merchants who need them and the customers who use them.


We are guided by a few simple concepts.

  • Make the payment experience so frictionless that it’s forgettable.
  • Let others play catch-up, while we innovate.
  • Always under-promise and over-deliver.
  • Remove all complexity.
  • Reduce reliance on payment networks.
  • Be responsible and transparent.